Monday, 12 November 2012

The Comic Project for Hayley

When I know Hayley Westenra will come to Jakarta for the Asia tour with David Foster, I decided to make something to give to her. It should be something personal, something that I make it myself. Yes, I make my own card for her – but I want something more. That’s why I have the (sort of) comic project for Hayley.

This comic is the simple one; just a story with some pictures. I hope you enjoy it!


If you want to know about the details, you can read this.


  1. Love your story,
    So glad you got to meet Hayley,
    I know how you feel.
    Best Wishes from Ireland.


  2. That's a lovely story Anggie. I'm so glad that you got to meet Hayley. All the Best,


  3. Hi Comet and Martin,

    Thank you for reading my blog! :)
    It was absolutely amazing to meet Hayley in person. She was sooo nice and lovely!
    I actually printed this comic and I planned to give it - along with the card I made - to her. I couldn't meet Hayley after the concert, so I asked the committee to give it to her. Not sure if Hayley got it, though.

  4. Aku terharu bacanya hehehe....